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October Event
The October 11th workshop will be...
Our annual "Make a computer which does not look like
a computer" competition.

It does not have to have a screen or even keyboard.
As long as it can be accessed to show is running linux
(android does not count), your computer (or embedded device)
will be entered.

Some past entries have been:
A chocolate cake, a fishtank, a shop vac, even a beer keg.

We will be having officer elections at the beginning of
this workshop. Fair warning for those who might skip this
workshop, you do not need to be present to be elected.

Our meetings are held at Assurance Technology 316 Bel Air Blvd.
Assurance Technology is behind Sears at the Bel Air Mall (next to Wendy's)
in the large brick building. Our meetings start at 2:00pm and are held on
the second Saturday of the month at : (Map to Assurance Technology)

For more information about SALUG, you can email

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